The Balance Between Corinthian Spirit and Competitive Edge


Newport (RHODE ISLAND) - The summer season kicked off earlier this month at IYRS' Restoration Hall when classic yachting enthusiasts gathered for a screening of a new documentary - NY40 MARILEE; Restoration of a Herreshoff Classic. Earlier that day, the 2018 graduating class celebrating "Launch Day" where a dozen restored classic boats from Beetle Cats to a Herreshoff 15 splashed for the first time into Narragansett Bay - but it was under the same roof that this crowd congregated to marvel in another restoration: Tim Rutter's 1926 NY40 Marilee.

The film - documented by Alison Langley - showcases not only the shipwrights, boat captains, and sailors but the historians who consulted for an authentic restoration of this Herreshoff masterpiece by French & Webb boatbuilders in Belfast, Maine.

"It was captivating," said Anderson Reggio. "The story captures the full story of a restoration and all the people behind such a massive undertaking." The 37-minute film has been shown in multiple locations, is now available on YouTube for viewing by the public.

Prior to the screening, the Classic Yacht Owner's Association held a panel on the Spirit of Corinthian sailing. Led by Managing Director Bill Lynn, the panel brought together boat builders, sail makers, and organizers to discuss how to increase participation in classic yachting.

Lynn moderated with a balance of humor and insight through the panel and each of the speakers brought new perspectives for the crowd to consider when establishing a Corinthian program.

"There is a term 'racing sails' versus 'just sails'," said sailmaker Eben Wilson. "But really it’s all about construction. We’re on the fourth season of the J2 on Spartan. You don’t have to buy new sails every year, it’s all about buying well-constructed sails."

Joining Wilson on the panel was also Paul Waring, Peter Cassidy, Todd French, and Bob Stephens. Stephens, one of the committee members of the new CRMkII rating rule, commented: "In the Corinthian spirit, we have created the new formula to be accessible and simple but a bit more scientific. Because it’s there are no measurers, it’s affordable. We did that intentionally so getting your boat certified wasn’t an impediment. Of course, that comes with the caveat that it’s not going to as accurate as other ratings."

Sacrificing competitive edge to have Corinthian spirit was the clear take away from the evening's activities. CYOA hopes to bring more events like these to the membership and yachting communities throughout the year to bring together people who appreciate classic yachts.

"Let’s go out there and sail with some beautiful boats and maybe we’ll bring back some silverware," ended Lynn. "Enjoy your summer of racing."

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