About the Classic Yacht Owners Association

The membership-driven, nonprofit Classic Yacht Owners Association was established in 2015 to encourage fellowship amongst owners within the classic yacht community. One of the organization’s goals is to help shape the future of the sport by influencing and cultivating long-term regional cooperation amongst those who are dedicated to owning, maintaining, and racing sailing vessels. CYOA also works to promote classic yacht ownership with the objective of attracting new members and creating new funding opportunities to support future classic yacht events.


  1. Give competitors a voice in shaping the on-the-water experience at regattas.
  2. Take responsibility for our sport (owners association), and demonstrate a fundamental understanding of the intricacies of classic racing by adopting a rating and a sailing approach that isn’t just more like that used in the Mediterranean, but simply more reflective of what makes sailing and racing classic yachts so compelling and fun!
  3. Partner with OAs to increase participation and financial support for their events.
  4. Expand and engage regattas which feature classic classes to make the customer experience more inclusive, more sustainable, and more consistent.
  5. Develop programs that can foster intellectual and experiential exchange as a means to encourage ownership, active participation, and sharing of these functional pieces of art.
  6. Use digital media to share experiences in order to attract new owners and programs, as well as to educate and engage casual fans about the history and importance of preservation.
  7. Increase communications and engagement with classic sailing yacht communities around the world with a eye toward encouraging owners to bring their boats and programs to the USA for a season or more.


While the longer-term goal of CYOA is to be an inclusive community that provides value for owners of all types of classic yachts, the short-term focus has been on increasing participation in and enjoyment of classic yacht regattas in New England.

To that end, in collaboration with our leadership, members and regatta organizers, we’ve developed the guidelines designed to help improve and bring an increased level of consistency to the overall competitor experience.

Check out our Classic Yacht Rating Guidelines.

The Classic Yacht Owners Association is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions and membership fees are tax deductible. Employer Identification Number: 81-285925



Executive Committee

  • Timothy Dittrich, Chair (Corinthian Classic Regatta)
  • Bill Lynn, Vice Chair (Herreshoff Classic Yacht Regatta)
  • Jesse Terry, Secretary (NYYC Tiedemann Regatta)
  • Diana Brown, Treasurer (Nantucket Race Week and Opera House Cup)

Board of Directors

  • Drew Lyman (Camden Classics Cup)
  • Thom Ashton (Castine Classic Yacht Race)
  • Dennis Gunderson (Camden to Brooklin Race)
  • Steve White, Chair (Eggemoggin Reach Regatta)
  • Jens Lange (Newport Classic Yacht Regatta)
  • Chris (Indian Harbor Classic Yacht Regatta)
  • Michael Emmert (Heritage Cup)
  • Ken Colburn (Boothbay Classic Yacht Regatta)

CRF 2024 Technical Committee

Jim Taylor, Chair

Adam Langerman

Joe Loughborough

Bob Stephens

Greg Stewart

Susan Wayne

Steve White

Glenn Cook 

Peter Gerard

Thanks to our Diamond and Gold Partners

Interested in becoming a partner of the CYOA? Join as a Partner online or contact us at info@classicyachts.org for details.


The Classic Yacht Owners Association is an exempt organization as described in Section 501(C) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Donations and membership fees are charitable contributions and tax-deductible. Employer Identification Number: 81-285925

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