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Resources for Yacht Clubs and Groups organizing Classic Yachting Regattas.


Racing Guidelines

One of the many attractive features of Classic Yacht Racing is the diversity of the various events. The Organizing Authorities (OAs) can have different philosophies and traditions, but they all share a common interest in fair racing and increasing participation. Sailing under rules and regulations that are consistent and clear is critical to achieving these common goals. Recognizing the need for consistency and clarity, but also the unique characteristics of the various events, the CYOA Technical Committee recommends that OAs consider the following guidelines when drafting race documents that best suit their event:

2020 Racing Guidelines

Racing Guidelines

As a resource to OAs, all yachts will be assigned to a CYOA Division – Vintage, Classic, Modern Classic, or Spirit of Tradition; Divisions are printed on 2020 certificates.   Definitions for each Division may be found in Racing Guidelines and on the attached. Individual OA’s may have their own criteria for making division and class assignment. Yachts that do not fit within the CYOA guidelines are identified as “Other” with an ‘O’ designation.   Their entries may be accepted by OAs and assigned to classes/divisions that meet the criteria of that particular regatta.

Notice of Race Templates

Racing Guidelines have been formatted to the US Sailing Notice of Race template and are available for OAs to download for individual regatta use


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