A. Following a careful analysis of the 2022 CYOA racing season, a few refinements to the formulae and factors used to calculate ratings have been made for CRF 2023:

A. A spinnaker is any sail set forward of the foremost mast whose width, measured between the midpoints of its luff and leech, is equal to or greater than 75% of its foot length. A headsail is a sail set forward of the foremost mast whose width, measured between the midpoint of its luff and […]

A. In most years, the data declarations made for one year will be the same as those for the next year, and that data will auto-load with your renewal application. Declarations for mainsail and spinnaker widths are required for all sails built since 2021, and are optional for older sails.  NB that most Vintage and […]

A. Sailboat racing is at its best when participating boats are divided into groups of similar size, age, and type.   Toward this end, all boats racing under CRF are assigned to a Division before their CRF Certificate is issued.  All Division assignments are made at the discretion of the CYOA Technical Committee.  The Division […]

A. Sail material guidelines are intended to encourage the use of sails that are cost efficient and that are aesthetically appropriate for Classic racing.  Classic Yacht Racing Guidelines first published in 2020 remove the prior requirement for paneled construction and allow for ‘molded’ sails.  This change also removes the requirement for ‘woven fabric.’   In […]

A. The rigs of some older boats have been upgraded by replacing the original wire standing rigging with stainless steel rod, which implies a rating advantage.  Also, some boats are fitted with composite (typically carbon) standing rigging, that results in a substantial performance advantage. A Standing Rigging Factor that was new for CRF 2020 addresses […]