Q: Which scoring approach is preferable, Time on Distance (ToD) or Time on Time (ToT)? 

A: The debate about whether ToD or ToT scoring is preferable can be endless.  The reality is that ToD is simpler, it makes it much easier to monitor time allowances while on the race course, and it is more directly connected with the actual science of yacht performance predictions.  At the same time, CRF is a single number rating system, and ToT scoring can give better results when the course content and/or wind conditions are well outside the rule targets, or when the conditions are unusually unsteady.  When it comes to ToD vs ToT scoring, there is no one answer that best suits all circumstances.   With that in mind, adding TCF’s for ToT scoring to the CRF certificate gives race organizers another tool for them to use in making informed choices that suit their own courses and conditions, as well as the preferences of their participants.  For most races, ToD and ToT scoring give very similar finish positions, despite the fact that the corrected times calculated by the two systems are not directly comparable.