Q:  I see ratings under a ‘CRF GPH’ heading on the CRF 2024 certificate.  What is a GPH rating?

A: ‘GPH’ is an abbreviation for General Purpose Handicap’.  The ‘CRF’ prefix is added to distinguish the CRF GPH from the GPH handicaps that are produced by the ORCi and ORR VPP based rating rules.  The CRF GPH rating for a boat predicts how much time she should take (in seconds) to sail around a 1 mile course consisting of 1/3 VMG upwind, 1/3 VMG downwind, and 1/3 reaching, in a wind range of 8-12 kts.  In most cases, GPH ratings generated for fully measured boats by the ORCi and/or ORR VPPs are similar and comparable to CRF GPH ratings.