After two years of collecting data, CRF 2022 will include declared mainsail girths and spinnaker widths in rating calculations.  Boats declaring mainsail girths greater than the previously assumed defaults (unusually big roach profiles) will see their ratings get slightly faster.  Those declaring girths below those defaults will see slightly slower ratings, so it can be to the advantage of boats with minimal roach mains to declare those girths.  

Except in extreme cases, the effect on rating is +/-1 or 2 sec/mi.  The same approach has been taken with spinnaker widths, with declared widths greater than a previously assumed default rating slightly faster under CRF 2022.  One difference is that ratings are not slowed down for chute widths that are less than the defaults.  

Three additional tweaks to CRF for 2022 slow the ratings of boats with unusually deep draft (including deep centerboards) and of boats that are unusually heavy for their length, and speed up the ratings of boats with especially high stability.