A. Requests for sail girths (widths) for mainsails and spinnakers were new for 2020. They were intended then to be for newly built sails only, as the data for those would be readily available to owners from the sailmaker. These sail girths were used for data gathering only and not for ratings in 2020. The intent is to include mainsail girths in ‘CRF 2022’ sail area calculations for newly built sails to reflect the fact that modern sailmaking methods and materials can support mainsail roach profiles that are substantially more aggressive than those that are typical of the existing Classic fleet, and this has given those new sails extra area that has been ‘free’ in terms of rating. Similarly, in the interest of simplicity, CRF has been calculating a downwind sail area that includes an assumed spinnaker area that is a function of the height of the chute halyard and the length of the pole and/or spinnaker tack point. To head off teams gaining an unrated advantage by building spinnakers with girths that are larger than those that are typical of the Classic fleet, for ‘CRF 2022’ the area for newly built spinnakers will likely include their measured, rather than an assumed, mid width. 

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