A. Stability and wetted area are critically important performance parameters, but it is not reasonable or practical to ask yacht owners to declare appropriate values for them. The 6 underbody types displayed on the CRF rating application work indirectly as surrogates for stability (via related keel volume, VCB and VCG), and more directly for wetted area. […]

A. If you are declaring a displacement that is heavier than the designer/builder specification, it follows that your declaration for the LWL that corresponds to that heavier displacement should be longer, and that your declaration for Draft should be deeper, than the designer/builder specified values. One way to quantify the differences in LWL and Draft […]

A. Designers and builders typically provide displacement data referenced to the ‘design waterline’ that most often resembles a ‘light ship’ condition, with empty tanks and minimal food and gear. The weight added in equipping and provisioning for coastal cruising can increase that displacement by 10% or more. The boat hauling equipment in some yards can provide […]