Recommended Division Assignments for Classic Racing under CRF

Produced by the CYOA Technical Committee

The CYOA Technical Committee has released 2020 Classic Yacht Racing Guidelines, a document that provides recommendations to Organizing Authorities (OA’s) planning to conduct races under the CRF rating rule. Part 2 of these recommendations states that “Yachts shall be assigned to divisions based on their original design date when they have been equipped and built with methods and materials consistent with that original design or that are appropriate for their division. Variations from original equipment, materials and methods may be accepted at the discretion of the OA, and may also be addressed via CRF rating formulae and factors.” 

Section 2.2 of these recommendations goes on to state that “Yachts shall be grouped into divisions based on the following guidelines,” and describes these divisions as follows: 

Some yachts with valid CRF certificates do not fit into the CYOA divisions.  These yachts may be accepted by OAs and assigned to classes that suit that regatta.  These yachts are labeled as ’Other’ or ‘O’ division.

In addition to the divisions, some regattas host subdivisions for yachts in the following categories:  


The Technical Committee has carefully reviewed the characteristics of all of the yachts that had been issued CRF certificates, and using the above definitions as guidelines, has assigned each yacht to the division that they found most appropriate. Individual OA’s may have their own criteria for making division and class assignments, and they do so at their sole discretion. All yachts receive a CYOA Division assignment when applying for a certificate. The division designation is listed on the CRF certificate. Note that yachts not listed in the following, but that do have 2020 certificates, will be added to this master list as time permits.  

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