Q. My 2019 rating is different from my 2018 rating, and my measurements are the same. Why? What caused the change?

A. The 2019 formula has been modified to reflect biases that were identified by an objective, in-depth analysis of 2017 and 2018 race results. Specifically, yachts with a relatively narrow beam and heavy displacement (e.g. Universal and International rule racers) were observed to be advantaged, while yachts with an unusually deep draft, via either a fixed keel or centerboard, were observed to be disadvantaged. The 2019 CRF MkII ratings for nearly all yachts will change relative to their 2018 ratings, but most only slightly. Those that see a significant change will find that other yachts of the same type will have changed by a similar amount, so the competitive balance within groups should be maintained.

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