Q. I believe the rating on my yacht is wrong. How can I confirm if the rating is accurate?

A. First, while it is possible that an input error has been made, be aware that for 2019, ratings for all yachts will be different than both their previous CRF rating and in many instances from their 2017 and 2018 CRF MkII rating.  In some instances relative to past comparable yachts, ratings may vary a great deal.   Additional variables have been used in calculating the CRF MkII, plus all subjective measurements have been eliminated so ratings may not be comparable to past years.   As for differences from the 2018 CRF MkII rating, the 2019 formulae have been adjusted to correct for observed biases in the 2018 formula.  Specifically, a more powerful Length/Beam Correction together with some minor adjustments to the Disp/Length and Sa/Disp factors, along with underbody and mast material have been made.  There is also a reduction in the rating ‘charge’ for deep draft in the Draft Correction, along with an increase in the rating credit for a shoal draft, and a deduction in the rated portion of the centerboard extension.

Of course, it is also possible that an error in data input has been made.  If you feel that this is the case, file an inquiry CRF handicappers will review if there is an error.  If so they will notify you, correct the rating, and reissue you a new certificate.

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