Notice of Series

The organizing authority (OA) for the 2020 Classic Yachts Challenge Series (CYCS) is the Classic Yacht Owners Association (CYOA) in cooperation with the Organizing Authorities of the participating Series Events.

Due to the current environment, many events for 2020 have been canceled and as of June 2020, since things are still so much up in the air, we are adopting the “wait and see” approach to a CYOA Series this year.  We need to have enough events to participate in to make it fair for everyone.  We hope it will come to happen, but we’ll have to be patient. 

We have decided that we will host a Spring 2021 kick-off party for the 2021 CYOS Series, and there will not be a fall 2020 party.  Please note that we have also listed the 2021 Series Calendar for everyone’s planning purposes.

CYCS 2020 & 2021 Schedule

To qualify, a boat must race in a minimum of five races to qualify for the Series. The Series is comprised of the following events:


The Series is open to any boat that is owned or chartered by a CYOA Regular Member ($100 level). Join or renew your CYOA membership via the CYOA Membership Portal.

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