Our goals are rooted in a shared passion: the stewardship and enjoyment of classic yachts. We believe we have an opportunity to bring owners together to foster a sense of community – a community that can bring a positive and cohesive voice to the issues, challenges, and opportunities that arise from time to time and need to be addressed. While this organization’s members are owners of classic yachts, our partners and collaborators include event organizers, restoration shops, boatbuilders, sailmakers, marine industry service providers, sailors and sponsors – all critical members of the classic yachting community.

A letter to our 2020 Members from Steve White, Chairman and President 

Membership Levels & Benefits

An individual Regular Membership in CYOA is open to owners of classic yachts and costs $100/year.  Other individual and team membership levels are available ranging from $25 to $200, and we also offer Industry Partner memberships which give the talented folks who make it possible for us to sail and race our yachts an opportunity to show support for the community. Click here for more information on the benefits of a CYOA membership or submit your application online today. If you’re already a member and you’d like to renew, click here.

Why Join CYOA?

We’re working hard to create a compelling value proposition that we can offer to our membership. You can find a comprehensive and growing list of benefits by clicking here, but here are a few highlights from our first four years:

    • In 2016, the CYOA Technical Committee undertook a 10-month analysis and revision of the original version of the classic yacht rating formula (CRF) which resulted in the development of a more transparent and data-driven version of the rule called CRF MkII. CRF MkII was adopted for use by every classic yacht regatta in New England in 2017, and the process of procuring a rating certificate has been streamlined and automated. Because the rule will be continually analyzed and improved, each yacht must get a new certificate each year.
    • In 2019, the CYOA Technical Committee developed the new Classic Yacht Racing Guidelines, a document that lays out a set of standards for event organizers to use when writing a Notice of Race in order to make the experience of racing a classic yacht more consistent from event to event.
    • CYOA has taken on the organization and administration of the Classic Yachts Challenge Series that has been run by Panerai for the past 13 years.  In doing so, we have simplified the rules and opened up the event to more participants.  In 202o, CYOA plans to expand the series to include more events.
    • CYOA is working to organize opportunities for members and their guests to compare notes, tell stories and generally get to know each other better off the water. We believe these events, in addition to being a fun and relaxing way to spend a couple of hours, can also promote better relationships on the water as well.
  • CYOA is partnering with brands like Gowrie Group, Pure Insurance, Off Center Harbor, Boatfix and others to provide CYOA members with access to special promotions, and we are adding more of these all the time.

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2020 Classic Yachting Schedule

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From stem to stern, classic sailing yachts represent the finest in boating craftsmanship, and our dedicated members support the building, restoration, sailing and racing of classic wooden sailing yachts.
Be a part of the celebration of the beauty, craftsmanship, strength and spirit of vintage yachts by joining our community of classic yacht owners.

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